Open Access Resources

Webinar: An introduction to the 1000 Cities Challenge: How to get involved

The following papers by our team describes a generalized framework for measuring pedestrian accessibility around the world using open data:

Liu, S., Higgs, C., Arundel, J., Boeing, G., Cerdera, N., Moctezuma, D., Cerin, E., Adlakha, D., Lowe, M. Giles-Corti, B. (2021). A Generalized Framework for Measuring Pedestrian Accessibility around the World Using Open Data. Geographical Analysis. (Published journal version) (Open access preprint)

Global Healthy and Sustainable City Indicator Study Collaboration – 25 Cities spatial indicators datasets:

Open source code for generating spatial city planning indicators:


Recruit City Team

Recruit a team to gather the necessary data, use the GOHSC data processing tools to compute policy and spatial indicators for your city, and advocate for their use to improve health and sustainability in your city.

  • Your city will need people with expertise in:
    • Government policy
    • Spatial analysis (including use of Open Access Data)  advocacy
  • Sign up for the 1000 Cities Challenge to gain access to our data processing tools. Fill out the signup form for yourself or your team [Survey asks about city/region, job title, organization, skills, willingness to share results in academic publications, and desired level of engagement (ability to provide data, already run code, advocate, provide funding]
  • When you complete the survey, you can request to join an already signed up city or regional group, connecting you with other people from your region who have signed up to participate.
  • Your team will then be contacted by a Regional/Country Coordinator, who can assist you with the next steps.